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Raptors Practice: January 22


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The Definitive All-Time Raptor-Killers Team


The following is a collaboration that we here at Raptors Watch put together to create the definitive all-time Raptor-killers team. It is important to note that some of these players are playing positions on this team that they don’t normally play in reality. This happened because 1) the absolute best Raptor-kilers need to have a spot as a starter 2) ... Read More »

As Kyle Lowry Goes, So Do The Raptors


As the best overall player on the Toronto Raptors, Kyle Lowry took it upon himself to take over the leading man role when DeMar DeRozan went down with a groin injury in Dallas back on November 28th. He knew it wouldn’t necessarily be easy and fans were rightfully concerned. Where were the Raptors going to find those 19 points per ... Read More »

Raptors Look to Beat Grizzlies


Tonight’s game might be cause for concern with how the Raptors have been playing recently. Throw in the fact that the Grizzlies were missing key players the last time (and only time so far this season) the two teams have matched up due to a stomach virus, and there’s reason for fans to start sweating. But the Grizz aren’t coming ... Read More »

Half Way Point – Are The Raptors Legit?


40 games into the season, the Raptors are on a historical path to become the best team in franchise history. It’s a difficult path to predict though. After blitzing through the first stretch of the season with a 24-8 record and sitting highly on top of the Eastern Conference throne, the Raptors are now in uncharted territory since the Rudy ... Read More »

Post Game Interviews: Raptors @ Bucks


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Muggsy Bogues Tribute Video


The Raptors pay tribute to former player Muggsy Bogues, who was the shortest NBA player ever. He was listed at 5’3″. Read More »

Raptors Hammered By Hawks, 110-89

Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks

It was one of those games that, pretty early on, just sucked the life right out of you. The Atlanta Hawks are on one heck of a roll and they didn’t let the Raptors at home stop them from winning their 11th straight game. It started with Terrence Ross coming out of the gates like a lame pony, missing shots ... Read More »

Raptors practice: Landry Fields still struggling with his shot


Landry Fields spent the after-maths of practice doing the standard cool-downs any other player does. He was relaxed, going through the motions. Patrick Patterson is shooting free-throws, Tyler Hansborough is drilling three-pointers (trust me, he always does in a warm-up/practice setting, he just has to be completely wide-open and stress-free to do it), and Landry Fields is jogging across the ... Read More »

Pregame notepad: Still no word on DeMar


DeMar DeReturn? DeDunno “It could be (against the 76ers) or the next game,” Casey said. “It’ll depend on what the doctors let him know.” … And that’s the last we’ve heard. There was no shootaround today for either team, so a quiet day on the media front equates to zero updates on the situation. My guess – which is meaningless ... Read More »

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