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Raps look to right ship in Game 2

Kyle Lowry, Paul Pierce

Make no mistake about it. Tonight is a must-win game for the Toronto Raptors. After blowing Game 1 in the Air Canada Centre 94-87, the Raps have lost home court advantage to the dangerous Brooklyn Nets. Going into Brooklyn 0-2 is definitely not how Toronto would like to repay its loyal fans who have waited years for these very games. ... Read More »

Andrew Wiggins Scouting Video

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Barkley Backs Up Raps Again

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Round 1 Game 1 Recap: Toronto vs. Brooklyn


Recap Saturday saw the Toronto Raptors play their first playoff game in 7 years. It was a crisp day and the crowds began to fill Maple Leaf Square hours before tip-off to cheer on the Raptors. Among the flags bearing the Raptors’ logo, the purple throwback Carter jerseys, and various other Raptors-related paraphernalia was something larger. There was a movement. ... Read More »

Raptor of the Year: 2013-14

13-14 Raps

Wow. We’re here again. At the end of every regular season we here at Raptors Watch like to give out our own imaginary annual award called Raptor of the Year. This is the third time we’ve done this and certainly won’t be the last. For those of you who don’t know, this award is given to the Raptor who played ... Read More »

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose discuss Raptors playoffs

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Some of the Best Bargnani.gifs this Season

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Game Day: Raptors host Bucks


If the Raptors are able to grab a win tonight, they’ll set a franchise record for wins in a season. And what better opponent to do it against than the league worst Bucks? “We definitely want to pass that record,” Amir Johnson said. “We’re still playing hard, we’re still working on our game for the playoffs so we’re still playing ... Read More »

Raptor of the Week: April 7-13

Amir Johnson; Jonas Valanciunas;

The Raptors played three games this week and now have only two left in the regular season. They defeated Philadelphia, lost to New York and then finished off Detroit today. The Raps are sitting at a 47-33 record, tied for the most wins in franchise history. And what’s helped them get there? How about an insane week from three players? ... Read More »

Guy Pronounces Raptors Players’ Names … Oddly

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