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Demar DeRozon Leaps Over Kyle Lowry For Huge Slam

During an off season dunk contest, the Raptors’ impressive back court of Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozon puled off an outstanding play when Kyle Lowry threw an alley-oop of the glass to a trailing DeRozon who then jumped over Kyle Lowry before throwing down a dunk. You can see the play below. Read More »

Howe It’s Done Ep.6 feat. Stephen Brotherston & Kiyan Sobhani


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Kyle Lowry challenges Pacquiao to one-on-one


…. At least that’s what I think is happening here. To be quite honest, I have no idea what is going on in this ridiculous video. Read More »

Raptor players appear on TV show in Philippines


This is, quite frankly, the worst TV show ever. Read More »

Kyle Lowry Press Conference


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Howe It’s Done Ep.4 feat. Isaac Thompson


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Re-signing Lowry means Re-signing Hope


You know when you go to the store and buy a lottery ticket? You know that rush of excitement and hopefulness you get from the clerk handing it to you, while in your mind you’re thinking, This could be the one? That’s what it felt like as a Raptor fan when Kyle Lowry re-signed with the Toronto Raptors for a ... Read More »

Kyle Lowry remains a Raptor


4 years, 48 million dollars; with an ETO (early termination option) after the third year. The Raptors got the player they wanted desperately in order to keep the core together. It’s a great deal, because it’s not long-term (Masai didn’t give in on Lowry’s request of a 5-year deal). In 2-3 years, Lowry will be 30+, and the Raptors will ... Read More »

Masai to make aggressive bid at midnight to keep Kyle Lowry


Expect Toronto GM Masai Ujiri to make aggressive bid to keep Kyle Lowry at midnight, try to wrap up deal before Miami/Houston can engage. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 30, 2014 Read More »

Ric Bucher retracts Kyle Lowry to Heat reports


From realGM: Update: Ric Bucher has retracted his reports from Friday afternoon and Thursday evening in regards to Kyle Lowry going to the Heat. Here is his statement on Twitter: My deepest and sincere apologies. My report on Lowry and a S&T between the Raptors-Heat is wrong. I should’ve known better. I could not be more embarrassed. I can’t explain ... Read More »

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