Raptors stumble against the Wizards

If you’re among the fortunate few that survived watching this game and retaining your sanity, I applaud you. That was not easy to the eyes and I may have gotten a little blind. The Raptors in their race to make the playoffs had one of the worst team performances this fan has ever seen in franchise history. Ever. No lie, it was that bad. When Bargnani played bad, and he was one of the better players out there with 8 points on 4-11 shooting, it’s bad.

The Raps opened up the game with sloppy play by committing five turnovers in the opening seven minutes. Bargnani checked in and didn’t receive boos, although there was applause when he checked out. It was a low scoring affair after the first with Washington leading 17-16.

In the second quarter the Wizards never relented the lead as they led by as much as 12.

Rudy Gay had the worst performance of his short Raptor career. He had 7 points on 1-11 shooting to go along with 5 turnovers. These inefficient nights were acceptable in previous games because he provided the defense and hustle, but those were absence as well.

Amir Johnson uncharacteristically went 2-8 from the field, although he did grab 13 rebounds. The great defense and energy that he’s known for mysteriously took a vacation for the night. Whatever the reason every Raptor player was lethargic.

DeMar DeRozan was the only positive in the game – he finished with 25 points. Though whenever DeRozan brought the game close it seemed the Wizards found a way to extend the lead.

Bradley Beal was the leading man for Washington with 20 points on an efficient 8-13 shooting. Although the Raptors played bad the Wizards were only a step up. Their three frontcourt players went for a combined 11-33. John Wall had 10 points but on 3-11 shooting.

Let it be known that on February 25th 2013, I was a witness to one of the worst displays of basketball ever.

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If there are two things that Dale loves to do, it is writing and watching the Raptors. At 11 he submitted video game reviews for amateur websites and competed in review competitions. Although he rarely won, he continued to perfect his craft and expanded into other forms of writing. As a Raptors fan he first took a heavy interest in the team with Vince Carter inducing excitement into the young organization, and he's become a fan ever since.


  1. Unless they learn how to play like a team we are doomed to a lot more of this, unless they get hot occasionally. No one sharing the ball lousy movement off the ball, bad offensive play calling. One good play thought the pick and roll with JV, like to see a lot more of that, maybe they should play some video of Calderon.

  2. You’ll see more nights of Amir going 2-8 with the offence they’re running since the trade. Rudy with the ball and everyone else standing and watching what he’ll do. That’s no way to run an offence. At least with Fields in the game, he’ll move without the ball. How is it he’s good enough to guard one of the best scorers in the game (Carmelo) but can only manage five minutes against the Wiz? Just nuts.

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