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DeMar DeRozan Twitter Takeover Recap

demar sixers

DeMar took over Klipsch Audio’s Twitter account this afternoon for a fun Q&A with fans. Check out some of his funniest and most insightful responses: Noobody! RT @DarnellDowns: #KlipschComp10 could anyone beat you 1-on-1 on the team? If so, who? — Klipsch Audio Canada (@KlipschAudioCAN) March 3, 2015 As much as we can. Tough being in different places.RT @Jay_Vonn: @KlipschAudioCAN ... Read More »

Tom Sterner Interview vs. Sixers

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Raptors AM Shootaround: March 2nd

casey interview2

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The Toronto Raptors Team That Never Was


Recently, 7’0” center and former journeyman Hassan Whiteside has become somewhat of a growing legend on a Miami Heat squad battling for a playoff position in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. After beginning his first eight games of the season without recording a point, Whiteside has exploded into NBA relevancy during the month of February. Heading into the 2015 NBA All-Star break, Whiteside ... Read More »

Dwane Casey needs to improve, or he needs to leave


There comes a time when every organization and head coach have to part ways. Whether it’s a mutual agreement or not doesn’t matter – a time always comes where both parties have to move on. That time has yet to come for Dwane Casey and the Toronto Raptors. Not necessarily because Dwane Casey is the right coach for this team, ... Read More »

Post Game Interviews: Raptors vs Bucks


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The Definitive All-Time Raptor-Killers Team


The following is a collaboration that we here at Raptors Watch put together to create the definitive all-time Raptor-killers team. It is important to note that some of these players are playing positions on this team that they don’t normally play in reality. This happened because 1) the absolute best Raptor-kilers need to have a spot as a starter 2) ... Read More »

Jonas Valanciunas and Lithuania’s Proud Basketball History


There comes a time in every man’s life when guys younger than yourself begin getting drafted to North American professional sport leagues. It’s happened to most of us, and is oftentimes paired with the realization that maybe playing professional sports one day just isn’t in the cards. With the NHL’s draft eligibility system in place, this harsh reality usually sets ... Read More »

Half Way Point – Are The Raptors Legit?


40 games into the season, the Raptors are on a historical path to become the best team in franchise history. It’s a difficult path to predict though. After blitzing through the first stretch of the season with a 24-8 record and sitting highly on top of the Eastern Conference throne, the Raptors are now in uncharted territory since the Rudy ... Read More »

Pregame: Raptors vs. Hawks, Jan. 16

amir rebound

So, just who are we up against? The Raptors are currently 2-0 versus their Georgia counterparts this season, but that number means next to nothing now. The Hawks are 24-2 since Toronto beat them 126-115 on November 26th and have placed themselves amongst the top teams in the entire Association. Their movement-heavy offense and stifling defense have rightfully earned them ... Read More »

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