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Raptor of the Week: Nov.16-22


The Raptors played three games this week, including a back-to-back. They won each matchup, taking out heavyweight Memphis, upstart Milwaukee and the LeBron James-led Cleveland. This week was full of excitement and fun, especially with the Raptors improving to an 11-2 record and keeping a strong hold on the top of the Eastern Conference. There are three notable players this ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Suns


What you need to know about the Suns.. Phoenix has had enough time to prove that they are a legitimately good team. After coming last in the Pacific division two seasons ago, they bounced back and came third in the division last season with a 48-34 record which saw them just miss out on the playoffs by 1.5 games. That ... Read More »

Recap: “This is our home” Raptors take over Cleveland


If the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t drastically improve, and Chicago’s health remains a huge question mark, then that surely makes the Raptors a contender to come out of the East. As the Raptors flew into Cleveland today, they not only beat the Cavaliers, but they pretty well embarrassed them, and took their souls. It was the first time Toronto has beaten ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors @ Cavaliers


The Raptors have not fared well against Lebron James. Whether he’s in a Heat uniform or Cavs uniform, the King has always managed to sink Raptor hearts. 16 straight games the Raptors have lost against James, who is averaging 28.1 points in 11 seasons against the Raps’. What you need to know about the Cavs.. The Cavaliers entered this season ... Read More »

Recap: Raptors spank the Bucks in Bruno’s NBA debut


“Let’s go Bruno!” “Let’s go Bruno!” “Let’s go Bruno!” It’s Friday, November 21st, 2014, Toronto Raptors rookie Bruno Caboclo made his NBA debut to the pleasure of an excited Air Canada Centre crowd. And a 41-point victory later, Caboclo found himself surrounded by media inside the Toronto Raptors dressing room. From the opening tipoff to the final buzzer, the Toronto ... Read More »

Vince Carter and the Dangerous Grip of Nostalgia


On Wednesday night, during a commercial timeout, the Toronto Raptors celebrated Vince Carter as part of their 20th Anniversary theme for this season. All things considered, the moment went very well. The fans gave Carter a classy applause, the video was entertaining and Vinsanity himself sprung leaks in both eyes. Then the game began and on the first possession in ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Bucks


What you need to know about the Bucks.. This is not the same team that the Raptors swept 4-0 last season. Jason Kidd – believe it or not – has taken this team to another level, and has everyone playing with confidence, particularly on the defensive end of the floor. The Bucks are neck-in-neck with the Raptors at 7th best ... Read More »

Recap: Raptors beat Grizzlies thanks to monstrous fourth quarter


The Raptors keep proving that they are the kings of the fourth quarter. Trailing at one point by ten in the third quarter, and six heading into the final frame, the Raptors were able to outplay and wear out a tired and depleted Grizzlies team. The Grizzlies were down to just eight healthy bodies tonight. Only eight Grizzlies on the ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Grizzlies


Twenty years ago the Raptors and Grizzlies began their NBA journey, and now – two decades later – both teams sit at the top of their respective conferences posing their best starts in franchise history. Twice this season the Raptors have come up against two teams that are better (In Miami’s case it’s arguable) than them on paper in Miami ... Read More »

Raptors Practice: November 17


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