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Lou Williams – 6MOTY Press Conference

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5 Things to watch in the Raptors/Wizards Series

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It’s finally over. If you’re a fan of the Toronto Raptors or the Washington Wizards that sentence probably sums up your feelings towards the regular season. It is no secret that 2015 has been a tough year for both squads: The Raptors have gone 25–25 in 2015 and the Wizards are not much better at 24–27. Optimists on both sides ... Read More »

Gilbert Arenas warns Raptors of Wizards ahead of potential first round matchup


Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas had some choice words for both the Raptors and the Bulls on Instagram last night. With one game left in the regular season and the Washington Wizards locked into the 5th seed, their only possible first round opponents are Toronto and Chicago. Here’s what he had to say regarding that proposition: Im ready…..the #DMV is ... Read More »

Raptors Shootaround: April 14th vs. Celtics

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6ix Early Postseason Toronto Raptors Storylines

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The Toronto Raptors are set to begin their first round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs when they will host either the Washington Wizards or the Milwaukee Bucks. Notwithstanding several notable highs and lows, the 2014-15 campaign was one of the most exciting seasons in franchise history. But as the Raptors have had a berth in the postseason secured for almost ... Read More »

Raptors Shootaround: March 8th vs. Hornets

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Isiah Thomas confirms the Raptors almost drafted Allen Iverson

Raptors v 76ers

Fans who’ve been around for a while know the story of the 1996 NBA Draft, widely regarded as one of the most talented drafts in history. The Raptors won the draft lottery that year, but because of the NBA’s egregious rules on expansion clubs, the team was barred from selecting 1st overall. Here’s what Eric Smith said on his Hoops ... Read More »

Raptors Shootaround: Mar. 27th vs. Lakers

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VIDEO: Raptors fans take over the Palace of Auburn Hills


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ESPN ranks Raptors’ front office as 11th-best in NBA

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Via ESPN Forecast: We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to rate every team’s owner, basketball decision-maker(s) and coach from 0 to 10, and we then asked the panel to tell us how important each role is. In particular, we asked the voters to rate each team’s front-office management on its guidance and leadership in terms of how it affects overall ... Read More »

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