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Game Day: Raptors @ Cavaliers


The Raptors have not fared well against Lebron James. Whether he’s in a Heat uniform or Cavs uniform, the King has always managed to sink Raptor hearts. 16 straight games the Raptors have lost against James, who is averaging 28.1 points in 11 seasons against the Raps’. What you need to know about the Cavs.. The Cavaliers entered this season ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Bucks


What you need to know about the Bucks.. This is not the same team that the Raptors swept 4-0 last season. Jason Kidd – believe it or not – has taken this team to another level, and has everyone playing with confidence, particularly on the defensive end of the floor. The Bucks are neck-in-neck with the Raptors at 7th best ... Read More »

Recap: Raptors beat Grizzlies thanks to monstrous fourth quarter


The Raptors keep proving that they are the kings of the fourth quarter. Trailing at one point by ten in the third quarter, and six heading into the final frame, the Raptors were able to outplay and wear out a tired and depleted Grizzlies team. The Grizzlies were down to just eight healthy bodies tonight. Only eight Grizzlies on the ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Grizzlies


Twenty years ago the Raptors and Grizzlies began their NBA journey, and now – two decades later – both teams sit at the top of their respective conferences posing their best starts in franchise history. Twice this season the Raptors have come up against two teams that are better (In Miami’s case it’s arguable) than them on paper in Miami ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors host Jazz


In recent history the Toronto Raptors had this bizarre trend where they would lose games against the NBA’s minnows, and then come up with ridiculous wins against teams like OKC and SAS. That tide has shifted somewhat. The Raptors no longer lose the games they’re supposed to win. Stemming from last season and continuing over to this season, the Raptors ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Bulls


The Toronto Raptors have made the most of their lax, home-friendly schedule but when the Chicago Bulls enter the Air Canada Centre tonight at 8 p.m., the entire continent of North America will tune-in on NBA media giant TNT to see if the Raptors are for real. Charles Barkley will check in at halftime to talk about his favourite city ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Magic


The Orlando Magic are 2-29 on the road in their last 32 games, have lost eight straight to the Raptors, and will be playing without Victor Oladipo who is still out due to a facial fracture. This is the last ‘trap’ game before that much anticipated and nationally televised game vs the Bulls on Thursday. I say ‘trap’ loosely. Although ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs 76ers


In a very rare situation, the Raptors – as the top seed in the East – find themselves hosting the last place team in the conference. However transitory the whole thing might be, it’s a great feeling. Even before the season started, you could easily circle this game on the schedule as the easiest game on paper. The current results ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors vs Wizards


The are certain games on the NBA calendar which every Raptor fan will have undoubtedly circled as a game to look forward to. This is easily one of those games. The similarities between the Raptors and Wizards are uncanny. Both teams have a 4-1 record, both teams’ only loss came against Miami, both teams made the playoffs last year for ... Read More »

Game Day: Raptors @ Celtics


How good are the Celtics this year? That’s an interesting question. One that we can’t possibly answer until we’ve looped this amazing vine a dozen times. Pretty epic, and a fitting way to start dissecting the question above. Marcus Smart is part of the new identity the Boston Celtics possess. The rookie out of Oklahoma State is one of the ... Read More »

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