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Raptors Look to Beat Grizzlies


Tonight’s game might be cause for concern with how the Raptors have been playing recently. Throw in the fact that the Grizzlies were missing key players the last time (and only time so far this season) the two teams have matched up due to a stomach virus, and there’s reason for fans to start sweating. But the Grizz aren’t coming ... Read More »

Pregame: Raptors vs. Hawks, Jan. 16

amir rebound

So, just who are we up against? The Raptors are currently 2-0 versus their Georgia counterparts this season, but that number means next to nothing now. The Hawks are 24-2 since Toronto beat them 126-115 on November 26th and have placed themselves amongst the top teams in the entire Association. Their movement-heavy offense and stifling defense have rightfully earned them ... Read More »

Scouting Report: Boston Celtics


What you need to know about the Boston Celtics… The Celtics have a ‘revamped’ look of sorts since the last time the Raptors played them. Of course, Rajon Rondo’s 10 assists per game now reside in Dallas; but most recently the Celts’ shipped off Jeff Green to Memphis and Brandan Wright to Phoenix in exchange for draft picks with the ... Read More »

Pregame Notepad: Raptors vs Hornets


It’s good to be home… Unfortunately the return of DeMar DeRozan will be delayed for another week, which in the long run is probably for the best. After a grueling West Coast road trip the Raptors have passed their toughest stretch for a while, and now their schedule takes a turn for the better. They should survive another week without ... Read More »

Raptors / Warriors clash one of the best the NBA has to offer


“I love the way we competed in a hostile environment,” Casey said of the performance in Portland. “If you can compete in that environment, the way we did (Tuesday), you can compete in a lot of places.” What the Raptors did in Portland was highly admirable, even if they did lose in the end. The reasons for the loss have ... Read More »

Kyle Lowry slays point-guards for a living


Jeff Teague, Mike Conley, Kyrive Irving, Goran Dragic, Ty Lawson, Deron Williams, Chris Paul. All of these point guards have one thing in common (apart from being pretty good) – they’ve all been defeated by Kyle Lowry and his boisterous Raptors squad. Like a fine wine, Lowry just gets better with age. As the seasons go by, he gets better. ... Read More »

The Raptors don’t lose often, but when they do, they hate it


Having had the opportunity to be in the locker-room following the loss to the Bulls on November 13th, all I could conclude in my thoughts was ‘Damn, the Raptors really hate losing, maybe more than anyone in the entire league’. Everyone hates losing, but if you were there to witness the gloomy vibe and razed looks on the players’ faces, ... Read More »

Pre-game notepad: Prevent rebounds, foul Drummond / Smith


What you need to know about the Pistons.. The Detroit Pistons are a bad team that can rebound the ball really well. The Pistons sit dead last in the Central division (third last in the East) with a 5-21 record…. That’s Knicks and borderline 76ers territory. The Pistons score 93.8 ppg (tied for second worst in the league) Despite all ... Read More »

Raptors don’t need any extra motivation on Drake night


Sometimes, when you play a team that is clearly inferior to you, it might cause a psychological lapse and dip in performance. Not that that’s been an issue for the Toronto Raptors though, who are 11-1 against sub. 500 teams. I mean, you might see a slow start (see: vs Orlando Magic), but in the end, the outcome is a ... Read More »

LeByrie, Drake, Raptors, Cavs


Since ranking second in our NBA back-court rankings, ‘LeByrie’ have gone off and have won eight straight. So then, how are the Raptors going to fend off the ebullient backcourt that the Cavaliers currently boast? I mean, if we’re comparing Lebron and Kyrie to agents from the Matrix, then they are certainly upgrades from that first meeting where the Raptors ... Read More »

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