Meet the Raptors Watch team.

Kiyan Sobhani – Twitter: @Kiyanso

Founder of Raptors Watch – Kiyan is a passionate sports writer who focuses on football (the real one, in which you use your feet) and the NBA. Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kiyan served as the World Cup Expert for The Coast. Being a huge Real Madrid and Toronto Raptors fan, Kiyan is starved of recent success, or any success at all in the case of the Raptors.

Mick Gardiner – Twitter: @MickGardiner

General basketball fan. Been watching the Raptors since their inception. Love NCAA basketball, specifically UNC. I’ve been an avid baseball fan since I can remember. On a personal note I am a Physical Education teacher in Fredericton, NB and enjoy coaching sports in my spare time.

Vatsal Trivedi – Twitter: @vtrivedi05

Vatsal is an undergraduate student from Toronto and enjoys playing, watching and writing basketball. On the court, he’s a shooter – a streaky one at best. He plays basketball whenever he can and tries to do his part in keeping the Toronto Raptors’ game attendance high. The first basketball game he ever watched was “The Flu Game” – Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals and has been diagnosed with basketball fever ever since.

Dale Tallo – Twitter: @TheDaleyTweets

If there are two things that Dale loves to do, it is writing and watching the Raptors. At 11 he submitted video game reviews for amateur websites and competed in review competitions. Although he rarely won, he continued to perfect his craft and expanded into other forms of writing. As a Raptors fan he first took a heavy interest in the team with Vince Carter inducing excitement into the young organization, and he’s become a fan ever since.

Joshua Howe – Twitter: @Howevolution

Joshua Howe is the co-owner of Raptors Watch and a student attending Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. He is a published author, poet, an NBA addict and loves the Raptors. Like many of his fellow Raptors fans, he is constantly looking forward to improvement for the Canadian team. His favourite player of all time is LeBron James and his favourite Raptor on the current roster is DeMar DeRozan.

Danny McLeod – Twitter: @danny_mcleod

From the small town of Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Danny grew up playing basketball and writing for the Enfield community paper “The Weekly Press”. After High school Danny has criss crossed the country more times than he can count, having attended St. Francis Xavier University, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, Neptune Theatre School and Red Deer College, Studying Political Science, Performance Communications Media, Acting, Drama, English and Film Production. Now an assistant editor on an animated childrens show and a freelance actor and assistant director living in Ottawa, Ontario, Danny is a man of 2 passions, Film and Basketball and is very pleased to be a contributing writer to raptorswatch.com.

Isaac Thompson – Twitter: @thekid_IT

Isaac is an aspiring sports journalist from Oakville. Currently a commerce student at the University of Toronto, he’s been an avid Raptor fan his entire life, and would like to see at least a conference finals appearance in the next 50 years. His favourite current player is Jonas Valanciunas, and his favourite players outside of Toronto are Steph Curry and Kobe Bryant. In Masai We Trust!

Damon Ward - Twitter: (allergic to Twitter)

Born and raised in Toronto, being passionate about a sport that wasn’t on the top of most people’s list was difficult, but not impossible.  Followed the NBA since it was on NBC, and when Toronto was awarded the franchise I was hooked even more. Received an education in Banking Financial services, I worked in BMO, Mercer HR Consulting, and HOOPP (Hospital Of Ontario Pension Plan).  I currently live in California, where I got married, and continued to put my financial background into practice.  I work in the Financial Aid Department, for Glendale Career College, which has been around since 1946. Living, loving life and still following the Raptors, I have the great pleasure of writing for Raptorswatch.com

Nick Bedard – Twitter: @bedardnick

A basketball head inflated with corny basketball references, e.g. “I want a footlong from DeMarcus Cousins” – Bill Walton (My hockey friends just don’t get it). A full-time writer, part-time hooper. Flopping and “homers” are my NBA pet peeves. I like the energy that Joey Crawford brings to each game.  Remember Glen Grunwald?

Seth Partnow – Twitter: @WhrOffnsHppns

Seth is too old to be spending this much time on a game. Father of one and founder of WhereOffenseHappens.com, devoted to increasing understanding of the NBA one blown rotation at a time. Day job is educational consulting in Anchorage, Alaska so the Raptors are practically his neighbors. Follow him on twitter @WhrOffnsHppns

Scott Rodgers – Twitter: @Scotty_Rodge

A Northern Ontario kid living in Toronto. Passionate Raptors fan since the Sky Dome days. Graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Administration program at Laurentian University. Also working in public relations for the National Hockey League.

Colin Garraway – Twitter: @thegarra_way

Colin is a former high school and college basketball player who still actively participates in the Toronto basketball scene. He loves discussing the Raptors, Lakers, and the NBA in general. He has a (sometimes unhealthy) love for sneakers.

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